Cermak Health Services


Cermak Health Services is the provider of healthcare to the approximately 10,000 detainees at the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) and the Department of Community Supervision and Intervention. Located on Chicago’s Near West Side, Cermak Health Services is accredited by the National Association of Correctional Health Facilities. It is the largest freestanding correctional healthcare facility in the country. Committed to a public health model of care, the staff members at Cermak actively work to treat and prevent chronic and communicable diseases. Cermak Health Services screens each of the 100,000 annual admissions to the CCDOC for medical conditions, mental health illnesses, and infectious diseases including tuberculosis and HIV. Cermak Health Services has a network of medical clinics (sick call areas) appropriately located in each of the twelve (12) housing units on its 100-acre campus. A team of providers from Cermak Health Services provides primary medical and dental care for the men and women housed in these units.

Hektoen manages grants for Cermak which provide HIV prevention and testing services to the incarcerated populations detained at the CCDOC. As a site of the CCHHS HIV Coordinated Program, comprehensive services provided include individual education and risk reduction counseling, small and large group education, HIV counseling and testing, peer educator training and prevention case management services. Services for HIV-positive detainees include case management, discharge planning, mental health counseling, support groups, patient education and medical management training. In addition, researchers affiliated with Cermak were awarded by CDPH a Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) grant in 2006 to investigate the sexual behavior of men who have sex with men (MSM) in the incarcerated setting.