John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County


THe John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County is the main public hospital in Chicago. It was established in 1835 as Cook County Hospital, was rebuilt several times, and by 1928 had a bed capacity of 3,400, making it one of the largest hospitals in North America. In 2002 it was rebuilt as a modern inpatient facility with extensive general and specialty outpatient clinics. Since its inception, Hektoen has been its main research affiliate.

Currently, Hektoen provides research and service grant management services to most Stroger Hospital clinical departments. Among the many benefits provided by Hektoen is a “grant recycling” program that provides Stroger Hospital with salary and administrative support. Other grants management services provided by Hektoen to Stroger Hospital and other CCHHS agencies are hiring of grant personnel; access to an online grant reporting system, HECTOR, that allows investigators and project directors to monitor their accounts in real time; recording and tracking of grant-specific financial transactions and the submission of required financial reports; purchasing of supplies and other expenses for each grant program; information technology support and computer purchasing consultation; and administration of a professional development and continuing education program for all employees.

Hektoen has managed grants for Stroger Hospital researchers and their research teams for many different clinical research areas. These include asthma management and psychosocial determinants of asthma severity; pre-diabetes mellitus (PDM) management and prevention; violence and elder abuse prevention; high risk breast cancer services through the provision of genetic counseling and testing; basic science activities of the Divisions of Nephrology and Urology; and cancer research protocols offered through the NCI Community Oncology Research Program, which is one of twelve minority sites in the US funded by the National Cancer Institute.