Hektoen Medical Ethics Society


The goal of this program is to help clinicians think through difficult ethical problems and to gain greater insight into practical solutions.

To further this goal, we have created the Hektoen Medical Ethics Project, the purpose of which is to:

  1. Supports symposia on current dilemmas in medical ethics;
  2. Distribute books on ethics to medical students and physicians;
  3. Conduct research on the impact of ethics in medicine.

Specific projects include:

  • An ongoing distribution of Hippocratic and Judeo-Christian Medical Ethics books to medical students.
  • Co-sponsored the Symposium, Human Dignity and Health Science (2008) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine.
  • Distribution of Core Readings in Medical Ethics and Genetics books to medical students.
  • Conducted an evaluation of the medical students’ knowledge of and opposition to torture at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.
  • The sponsorship of a lecture series for COM-UIC, M1 and M2 students to include talks by:
    • William Ahrens, MD: Explaining the Death of Children.
    • Mary Lou Schmidt, MD: Chemotherapy for Childhood Malignancy.
    • Chris McIntire, DO: Giving Bad News to Patients.
    • Tim Murphy, PhD: The Ethics of Transplant Policy.
    • Eugene Diamond, MD: Conscience Rights of Physicians.
    • John Brehany, PhD: Hippocrates Revisited.
  • Hektoen Institute and University of Illinois at Chicago – College of Medicine: Hippocratic and Catholic Medical Ethics Program (Elec – 997).
  • Conducting research into the attitudes of medical students toward the Honor Code.
  • Hektoen Institute and Newman Center: Collaborative Integritas Program.

Contact Information:

Patrick Guinan, MD – Tel: 312-768-6035