Atlantic-Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Medical Sciences (AEM AMS)


The Atlantic-Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Medical Sciences (AEM-AMS) is affiliated with the Hektoen Institute. It was founded in March 1997 by Professor Wenzeslav Bossnev and aims to bring together scientists from different countries to deal with problems of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and ecology. The objectives of this collaboration is to promote contacts and cooperation between medical scientists and to develop joint scientific projects.

Activities provided include:

  • Short-and long-term visits for exchange of scientist, postgraduate study and joint work.
  • Joint research programs between institutes, departments, and individual scientists.
  • Exchange of scientific and technical information.
  • Promotion of international and local scientific conference, symposia, and workshops.
  • Support for publication of scientific journals and books.

Past joint scientific AEM-AMS meetings with the Hektoen Institute:

  • 1999, Sofia. Conference on Medical Informatics in collaboration with the Medical University of Varna. December 15th.
  • 2002, Sofia. Symposium “Stoudena 2002″ on Adult and Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease. Hot Topics in Europe and In the United States. June 7th -10th.
  • 2003, Varna. Symposium “Varna 2003″ on Medical Linguistics and Communication with the Medical University of Varna. June 13th-17th.
    Sofia – Pernik, Workshop ”Stoudena ”on Care for Parkinson’s disease patients. September 6-7, 2003
  • 2004, Sofia. Third International Multidisciplinary Conference of AEM-AMS and the Bulgarian Red Cross. May 10th -14th.
  • 2005, Plovdiv 2005, Fourth International Multidisciplinary Conference of AEM AMS, June 3 -5 2005.
  • 2007, Warna – Balkan scientific week, September 20-23, 2007.
  • 2008, Sofia 2008, Fifth Jubilee Conference on Clinical Neurovegetology, December 13 – 15.
  • 2009, Sofia 2009, Sixth International Conference of AEM AMS in collaboration with Hektoen Institute and the National Society of Occupational Pathology, October 9-10, 2009.
  • 2010, Minsk/Belarus/and Sofia 2010, Virtual Workshop on Iridology, February 15th-18th 2010.

Scientific Journal and Books edited by AEM AMS

  • Scripta periodica-quarterly multilingual journal founded 1998
  • Clinical Neurovegetology-byWenzeslav Bossnev, 2004
  • Urology-by Hristo Kumanov, 2003
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy and laser-Doppler flowmetry-by Zlatka Stoyneva, 2004
  • A study on the autonomic disorders in diabetic peripheral neuropathy, 2005
  • Food, metabolism and age – by Evgeny Stoynev, 2004
  • History of Dentistry in Bulgaria-by Ivan Bosnev, 2005
  • Parkinson Disease by Zlatka Stoyneva, Marin Daskalov, Wenzeslav Bossnev, 2005
  • A special book dedicated to the 250 Anniversary of James Parkinson’s birth, 2006
  • Fenomenon Raynaud by Zlatka Stoyneva, 2007
  • Food and Vitamins by Fanny Ribarova, 2008
  • 10 Years Atlantic-Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Medical Sciences-Editorial, 2008
  • Clinical and pharmacological EEG-investigations in patients with Epilepsy – by Ekaterina Belberova, 2008
  • 30 Years Laboratory for Clinical Neurovegetology – Supplementum of Scripta periodica – Editorial 2009
  • Through needle to diagnosis – by Marko Klissurski, 2010