Research and Education Foundation of Michael Reese Medical Staff


Michael Reese Hospital, founded in 1881, had a distinguished history of innovative research and patient care. It was prominent in Chicago during most of the 20th century and had many internationally renowned investigators. Due to changing medical conditions in Chicago the hospital was downsized and eventually closed. The Research & Education Foundation of the Michael Reese Medical Staff is a separate 501(c)3 organization established with a mission to maintain the legacy of Michael Reese Hospital by supporting research, education, and community service through relationships that foster quality health care. The Hektoen Institute of Medicine represents an organization that shares this mission. With the closing of Michael Reese Hospital, the Hektoen Institute offered to enter an affiliation with the Research & Education Foundation and provide it with a new home. This allowed the Foundation to continue its patient care and educational mission on the south side of Chicago and sustain the legacy of the once great institution that was Michael Reese Hospital.


Foundation number: 312-768-6095

William Clark, Executive Director

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