Cook County Austin Health Center (CCAHC)


The CCAHC, a multi-service clinic offering discreet anonymous care on Chicago’s West Side, was started with the first Chicago Congressional Black Caucus grant in 1999 in response to the lack of discreet HIV primary care services in the East Garfield community, one of the hardest hit communities in Chicago due to HIV. Since its inception, CCAHC has met great success, providing HIV care services to over 150 unduplicated clients. Of those patients, 40 began treatment of the clinic in 2003, representing a 37% increase from the previous year; the total patient population currently receiving treatment is 100. Among its many services, CCAHC offers HIV primary care; case management; massage and acupuncture treatments; individual, group and family counseling; and specialty clinical care services from a psychiatrist, pharmacist, and nutritionist. Along with the programmatic services mentioned above, CCAHC patients also participate in a client education luncheon. Luncheon discussions cover a range of topics, such as nutrition, legal counseling, treatment adherence, emotions during the holidays and entitlement for benefit programs. All services at CCAHC are free to all eligible clients.