Hektoen Advantage


Hektoen Advantage: What is it? How can it help you?

In order to quality services to our investigators and program directors we have developed services and web-based solutions that use modern and up-to date technology. These include a monitoring system called Hector that provides rapid up-to date financial information such as assets, revenue, and expenses, allowing investigators to manage their grant with ease, monitoring cash flow, and allocating expenses to the appropriate cost enters.

HECTOR GrantMonitor

Our grants management on-line reporting service helps clients track grant expenditures and revenue in real time

Time and Effort Reporting

This federal mandated compliance requirement is streamlined and ready for Program Manager/PI approval every two months.

Fund Number Assignment

This information is sent electronically, along with important  grant set-up  information such as a HECTOR ID/password, signature form, PI Task List and other website links, so that programs can begin hiring needed personnel and implementing new program services or research protocols as soon as funding is awarded.  A new Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator Task List guides program leadership in determining what tasks need to be completed in a timely manner so that the transition from funding awarded and program implementation is seamless.

Electronic PI Signatures

This new procedure of sending the PI/PD signature form electronically is simple, convenient and quick. To ensure that all financial transactions are properly approved,  signatures are scanned once and saved in a password protected database for the life of the grant. 

Automated Payroll

Our payroll system is processed using PayCom which allows for efficient tracking of employee hours, vacation, sick time, etc.  This is a secure system which is easily accessed by each employee and managers.