forms_120Accounting Forms

  • Check Request Form: PDF
  • Cost Transfer Form: PDF PDF16
  • Purchase Requisition Form: PDF Form PDF16 Excel FormExcel16
    Please read the Hektoen Purchase Requisition Policy PDF16 for complete details on how to submit a purchase requisition. The new purchase requisition forms are listed above for download. The Excel form is the main form to be used. It can be filled out electronically and e-mailed. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel please use the PDF version of the form. You will need the free Adobe Reader to use this form.
  • Professional Development Approval Form: PDF Form PDF16 Excel Form Excel16
    Please read the Professional Development Policy PDF16 for complete details on how to submit the approval form.
  • Tax-Exempt Letter: PDF Form PDF16
  • Signature Form PDF16
  • Travel Voucher Excel16

Administrative Forms

Grants Forms

  • Cost Transfer Form: PDF PDF16
  • Signature Authority Form: PDFPDF16
  • IRB D-1 Administrative Form: MS Word Word16

Compliance and Code of Conduct Policies

HR Forms

  • Approval To Hire Form: PDF PDF16
  • Change of Address Form:PDF PDF16
  • Direct Deposit Form: PDFPDF16
  • Disciplinary Action Form: PDFPDF16
  • Employee Change Form: PDF PDF16
  • FSA New Reimbursement Claim Form: PDF PDF16
  • FSA Application Form: PDFPDF16
  • FSA Qualifying Expenses: PDFPDF16
  • Grievance Form: PDFPDF16
  • How to enroll online Pension Plan: PDFPDF16
  • I-9 Form 2009: PDFPDF16
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary Form: PDFPDF16
  • New Employee Appointment Form: PDF PDF16
  • Performance Appraisal and Development – PAD Form:PDFPDF16
  • Performance Appraisal and Development – PAD Form short version: PDF PDF16
  • Professional Development Policy PDFPDF16
  • Sample Job Description: PDFPDF16
  • TIAA-CREF Salary Reduction Form – Pension: PDFPDF16
  • Vision Plan for non HMO Members PDF PDF16
  • Vision Plan IL HMO Members: PDFPDF16
  • Vision Plan Laser Surgery and Contact Lenses Brochure: PDF PDF16
  • W-4 Federal: PDFPDF16
  • W-4 Illinois: PDFPDF16
  • Workplace Safety PDFPDF16