Principal Investigator/Grant Administrator Task List


Welcome to Hektoen Grants Management.

As a new grantee or returning grantee, there are tasks that should be reviewed and completed as necessary and applicable to the grant funding you are receiving.

Tasks 1 – 7 are related to different aspects of your grant – Human Resources procedures, Accounting procedures, Post-Award procedures, IRB requirements and Policies and Procedures.

Please complete these tasks if they are applicable to your grant. If you have any questions, please call the contact numbers listed.


Personnel Needs

  • When you need to hire new employees, please download the Approval to Hire form which must be filled-out by the PI, signed and returned to Hektoen HR – PDF PDF16. If you are transferring a current employee from another grant to your project, please contact HR for information to complete this process.
  • Send job description information and Approval to Hire form to HR who will post and screen – link
  • For additional HR requirements for a new grant
  • Contact: Alvaro Espino, (312)768-6025

Hiring Process

  • Job announcements for new positions should be posted at least 2 weeks before the start date.
  • As candidates are identified, the PI will conduct interviews. Once a candidate is selected, a hire letter is sent by HR.
  • Contact: Alvaro Espino, (312)768-6025

New Employee Orientation and Payroll Procedures

  • All new employees must be scheduled for orientation with HR within 3 weeks of the start date. Pre-employment drug testing is conducted the same day.
  • A New Employee Appointment Form must be submitted to Hektoen for processing prior to new employee orientation. This task confirms the fund # and % FTE allocation used to pay a Hektoen employee – PDF PDF16. HR will seek management signatures, then submit the form to the payroll department for processing.
  • Contact: Alvaro Espino, (312)768-6025

Accounting Procedures (Reporting, Recording and Invoicing)

  • Federal grants are managed by Mike Remensnyder, (312)768-6005 and state, pharmaceutical and foundation grants are managed by Renee Brown, (312)768-6012
  • Forms to facilitate the process of the most common accounting transactions: Cash/Check Advances, Check Request, Travel Voucher, Purchase Requisition Form, Professional Development Approval Form and Cost Transfer Form, can be found here.
  • Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) vouchers, Maria Soria, (312)768-6015
  • AFC Case Management invoicing and budgets, Teresa Martinez, (312)768-6032
  • Contact: Mike Remensnyder, (312)768-6025

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Requirements

  • Once a research project has been funded or is scheduled for funding, a PI must submit a D-III form to Lynda Brodsky and Hektoen. For assistance with completing a D-III form, please contact Lynda Brodsky at Research Affairs, (312)864-0716 or

Post-Award Procedures

  • Consultant agreements (if applicable) – An agreement with each consultant must be on file
  • Salary Reallocation Form (if applicable) – Please contact your CCHHS administrator for this form
  • Budget revisions (if necessary)
  • Signed contract
  • Contact: Billie Moore, (312)768-6033

Policies and Procedures

  • Please review Hektoen’s Policies & Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
  • Contact: Dennis Ronowski, (312)768-6008
  • COMPLIANCE POLICIES (time and effort reporting, ARRA reporting, etc.)
  • Contact: Mariela Romo, (312)768-6021