Travel Guidelines


traval_120Summarized below are key elements of the Hektoen Institute travel policy, which
follows the JHSHCC travel policy.

  1. Please put your Hektoen project number on top of the form in the right hand corner.
    Please list your expenditures on the travel voucher. Please type/print clearly in ink.
  2. When in multi-day travel status, per diem meal allowance is in effect. Please check the GSA – Domestic per diem rate for the city you are traveling to at No
    receipts are required for per diem reimbursement. If you exceed the per diem amount,
    any over expenditure is your own non-reimbursable expense. If meals are provided as
    part of your conference fee, please state so on the travel voucher, and deduct the meal
    amount from your per diem for that day, based on JHSHCC’s meal amounts.