The Hektoen Advantage. What are the benefits of leaving the financial work up to us?
Our comprehensive accounting service produces tangible benefits for our clients:

  • Hektoen carries the burden of costs incurred until the various funders have paid for the reimbursable costs.  STOP waiting for slow paying funders and get on with the project at hand, expedite your spending by using Hektoen
  • Online reporting system (Hector GrantMonitor) to view your accounts and monitor transactions and generate reports.
  • Allows clients to focus on core programs
  • Reduce accounting and financial concerns.
  • Immediate financial assistance to accomplish programmatic needs.
  • Direct access to an entire accounting department for all financial assistance.
  • Cost effectiveness as a result of automation, utilization and experience.

The Accounting Department provides our clients with financial information to support and serve each programmatic need in the following areas:

Accounts Receivable

Process deposit checks same day as they are delivered, sends out invoice for cost reimbursement to various funders

Accounts Payable

  • Process invoices within a 7 day time frame
  • Handle 1099 reporting for consultants
  • Help to resolve disputes involving bad product or other price discrepancies
  • Manage cell phone and pager accounts
  • Process checks and mails them out to various venders.
  • All transactions can be seen using our Hector GrantMonitor system in real time.
  • Hector- Compare actual expenses against the most recent budget submission

Financial Reporting

Completion of Financial Status Reports and other financial related reporting on many different types of awards.


In using our payroll system you will automatically see transaction on Hector GrantMonitor associated with the various personnel that are working on your grant.

Vender Discounts

Due to the high volume of orders that Hektoen Institute processes, various venders allow for discounts on orders that may not be available to individuals looking to buy supplies such as computers, office products, clinical supplies, etc.

Name Title Email Phone
Sandra Coronado Staff Accountant (312) 768-6009
Alicia Jones Accounts Payable Manager (312) 768-6017
Lavenia Bell Accounting Reporting & Billing Specialist (312) 768-6019
Pam Thurman Payroll Manager (312) 768-6026
Lisa Sanchez Payroll Coordinator (312) 768-6027