Founded in 1943, the Hektoen Institute is one of the largest medical nonprofit organizations in Chicago. For over seventy years, it has promoted medical research learning and education to extend the boundaries of knowledge and improve the care of the sick. It was named after Ludvig Hektoen, professor of pathology at Cook County Hospital and Rush Medical College, who made many advances in science and was considered to be one of the first to devote himself prominently and consistently to the science of medicine.

Today, Hektoen continues to advance its mission of improving the care of the sick through the research. It provides the administrative infrastructure for the portfolio of grant-funded programs on behalf of local government agencies, principal investigators, and nonprofit organizations. Its programs provide ground-breaking research and basic health services designed to improve health outcomes for Chicago’s most vulnerable populations.

The Institute also engages in a series of educational programs, publishing Hektoen International, an online journal dedicated to advancing the medical humanities, and supporting several other programs whose goal is to improve health-care and education in the Chicago area.