Founded in 1943, the Hektoen Institute has evolved over the years into a vehicle to operate externally funded research, serving as a health care fiscal administrator for a wide variety of programs for county, city, and state-level entities.

The Institute has created an efficient and flexible administrative operations system that enables it to manage budgeting, invoicing, payments, payroll, human resources, pre-and post-award grant administration, and fiscal compliance for grant-funded programs. It leverages its infrastructure, expertise, and cash flow to deliver programs when other organizations encounter administrative challenges.

The Hektoen Institute of Medicine helps investigators locate funding for research and healthcare programs by assisting with:

  • Grant writing;
  • Grant management;
  • Accounting;
  • Reporting; and
  • Personnel management.

Our management history began at the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and continues today as a leader in HIV grant management. Beyond that area, Hektoen manages a diverse grant portfolio for various disease states, public health initiatives, clinical research, and community health. In response to the changing healthcare landscape, Hektoen has evolved into a leader in data management, compliance and patient-centered research.


What can we do for you ?


Application Search

Hektoen can be an invaluable asset when trying to identify funding opportunities. In additional to intensive internet searches of federal, state and local government agencies, Hektoen can utilize personal contacts at private foundations, societies, associations and pharmaceutical companies and has access to an internal database of funding resources.



Application Development

We help investigators to develop a well organized and clearly written grant application, tailored to the requirements of the granting agency to maximize the chances of funding success. We can also guide the research team, if needed, in identifying potential research partners, co-investigators and consultants as well as ensure that all required application components are included in the final submission of an application. The initial steps toward completing an application include:

  • Establishment of draft due dates to allow for sufficient review and editing;
  • Drafting of a preliminary budget based on the instructions (guidance) of the funding announcement; and
  • Assisting with the development and editing of turnkey application documents including key personnel resumes, the institution or agency resources page, cover letters, organizational charts, letters of support, project schema diagrams and epidemiological data charts and figures as needed.


Application Submission

There are several steps to follow before an application is submitted successfully by Hektoen on behalf of a Principal Investigator or Program Director.

Submission of Funding Applications using System to System Software (Cayuse 424)

Hektoen submits applications electronically or via hardcopy per the directions of the funding agency. It should be noted that since 2010, Hektoen submits all federal applications electronically.

Submission of Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval Forms to Research Affairs

IRB documentation is required at the time that applications involving human subjects research are submitted and subsequently when funded.

NIH Electronic Research Administration (eRA Commons)

As the grants management institutional office, Hektoen maintains an administrative account for the eRA Commons which is the portal to application submission information, announcements and other pertinent information related to NIH funded applications and grants.


Grant Management

Once the grant has been awarded we help the investigator to fulfill the requirements of the grantor, conform with compliance requirements, hire staff, provide accounting and human relations support, help prepare periodic reports, and consider ways of continuing or expand the project.

Monitoring Your Award

Once funding has been granted, Hektoen provides Post Award support to grantees in managing the day-to-day operations of their grant. The Hektoen Institute oversees all post-award activities by monitoring grants to identify potential problems.

Monitoring Expenditures

The Hektoen Institute has financial systems in place to monitor grant expenditures. Hektoen’s Post Award Grant Management Team will work closely with the Principal Investigator (PI) and/or Project Director (PD) to ensure expenditures are within the correct budget categories. Projections of expenses are prepared throughout the budget period.