The Hektoen Institute was founded in 1943 by a group of prominent Cook County physicians as a venue for funding and conducting medical research and education. Throughout its history, Hektoen has been engaged in education in a variety of ways.  In its early days, Hektoen investigators directly conducted medical research which resulted in the publication of more than 2,700 scientific papers.  They also advanced medical education through lectures, symposiums and fellowships.



That dedication to promoting education continues to this day, it is just done a bit differently.  The links below provide examples of how the Hektoen Institute has engaged in education more recently, including through incubation, direct production, strategic collaborations and sponsorships.



Center for the Collaborative Study of Trauma, Health Equity, and Neurobiology (THEN)

Hektoen International Journal

Foxglove Alliance

Nurses & the Humanities

The Morris T. Friedell Mentorship Program