Medicine and the Arts

Hektoen sponsored several lectures and symposia on the broader aspects of illness and medicine as reflected in the works of artists, such as:

• “Medicine on Canvas. Interactions between Art and Medicine” – in conjunction with the Martin D’Arcy Museum of Art, Loyola University Chicago (2004); and

• “Doctors, Artists, and Alchemists in Renaissance Europe” by Sally Metzler, Ph.D., Director, D’Arcy Museum of Art, Loyola University Chicago (2004).


The Morris T. Friedell Mentorship Program

Starting in 1993, Hektoen sponsored a mentorship program designed to encourage promising minority high school students to enter health science careers. Students were recruited from Chicago public schools (i.e., Kenwood Academy, Hyde Park High School and Whitney Young) and learned routine laboratory work and performed basic tests under the supervision of a staff member. It gave students an opportunity to interact with scientists, prepared them to make educational choices, and encouraged them to set career goals in the health sciences. Click here to read more about the program.


The Society of Medical History

This organization was founded in 1909 to foster an interest in the history of medicine. In 2005, when it became part of the Hektoen Institute, the Society was renamed to emphasize a broadening of interest to other aspects of the humanities. At its inception, it had 200 members and included many illustrious personalities and pioneers of American medicine.


Medical Ethics Project

The goal of this program was to help clinicians think through difficult ethical problems and to gain greater insight into practical solutions. To further this goal, the Hektoen Medical Ethics Project supported symposia on dilemmas in medical ethics; distributed books on ethics to medical students and physicians and conducted research on the impact of ethics in medicine. Projects included:

• Distribution of the books Hippocratic and Judeo-Christian Medical Ethics and Core Readings in Medical Ethics and Genetics to medical students; and

• Co-sponsoring the Symposium, “Human Dignity and Health Science (2008) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine.