The Morris T. Friedell mentorship

Beginning in 1993 the Hektoen Institute sponsored an annual mentorship program, named to honor the late Dr. Morris Friedell, founding member of the Hektoen Institute and former chairman of the Hektoen Institute Board. The program encouraged promising high school students, many from minority groups, to enter health science careers. Students were recruited with the help of science department chairs from Chicago schools and were assigned to work under the supervision of scientists and physicians in nephrology, urology, molecular biology, cellular biology, and tissue culture. They learned routine laboratory work, participated in experiments, and attended lectures and conferences. The program gave students an opportunity to interact with scientists, prepared them to make educational choices, and encouraged them to set career goals in the health sciences. Several students later enrolled in prestigious university programs and followed distinguished careers. One student later became an astronaut –Dr. Mae Jemison. Learn more


American School of London (ASL).

Following a long-standing tradition of mentoring future physicians and scientists, the Hekoten Institute of Medicine established in the spring of 2021 a partnership with the American School of London (ASL). The internship successfully navigated the turbulent waters of Covid-19 restrictions and was conducted completely virtually, offering the experience and opportunity for a publication to a student. Ms. Juliana Menegakis, a junior at the ASL,was selected as the first Hektoen International journal intern. Her project encompassed three phases, first learning about the contents, mission, and operation of Hektoen International the journal. The second phase was editing an online journal. The internship culminated in research and writing. Ms. Menegakis selected a special topic in consultation with the Editor in Chief and Associate Editor of the journal and composed an essay on Juana of Castille.



Center for the Collaborative Study of Trauma, Health Equity, and Neurobiology (THEN)